Premier Compact Water Softener

Premier Compact Water Softener Premier Compact Water Softener Premier Compact Water Softener

Product Description

You will certainly experience a difference with a Kinetico water softener. As a world leader in water systems the Kinetico Premier Compact is brilliantly designed, easy to use, and offers unrivaled reliability and produce the most luxuriously soft water.

The Kinetico Premier Compact water softener is Kinetico's smallest most tried and tested non-electric, block salt, twin cylinder water softener which comes with a 10 year parts warranty. The Premier Compact water softener is one of Kinetico's best-selling products as there is nothing to plug in, no buttons to push or timers to set and reset.

Kinetico Premier Compact Key Features and Pricing Information

Non-electric water softener. Kinetico uses the kinetic energy of moving water to power its systems instead of electricity - thanks to our patented Turbine. So you never have to worry about costly repairs or higher monthly electricity bills.
Twin-tank design for continuous soft water. The twin tank design is the only system to backwash without ever going offline (i.e. cannot supply soft water) which means a continuous and un-interrupted supply of soft water.
Simple Installation. Compact size fits neatly under kitchen sink in any standard kitchen cabinet. Dual-mode installation options allow right or left hand installations
Simple and Economical to use. Easy-open lid makes for handy salt loading. Economical to use and low salt consumption (1 salt block lasts approx 1 month). Easy to maintain: just add salt and away you go!
Discounted cost of unit : From £1299 *
* Price includes bypass valve, pipes and 3 bags of salt, inclusive of a 10 year manufacturer's warranty. Installation costs extra. No VAT applicable.

Kinetico Block Salt

Kinetico salt block Kinetico salt block Kinetico salt block

Product Description and Pricing Information

Kinetico Water Softeners require block salt to operate. 1 Block will last around 1 month under typical usage conditions.

Kinetico Block Salt is available in 8kg bags which contain two blocks of Kinetico Salt. Fast delivery can be arranged and is free to local Isle of Wight addresses for orders of 20 bags or more. Free Collection is available on all orders.

Please contact us with your full requirements.

1 bag of Salt : £6 Collected
12 bags of Salt : £65 + £5 Island Delivery
20 bags of Salt : £105 + £0 Free Island Delivery
No VAT applicable.

AquaGuard Drinking Water Filter

Drinking Water Filter Drinking Water Filter Drinking Water Filter

Product Description

A quality water filter with added protection for all the family. Delicious, ultra-filtered water with an extra level of protection to reduce the risk of you consuming chlorine, lead, compounds (VOC's) and cysts.

AquaGuard Key Features and Pricing Information

Ultra-Filtered Water. With a 1 micron block carbon filter AquaGuard eliminates sediment, chlorine, pesticides and insecticides, as well as lead and cysts.
No More Filter Jugs or Bottled Water. Filter jugs are slow, clumsy and produce limited quantities of water, tap mounted filters are unattractive and awkward and bottled water is expensive and cumbersome.
Great Tasting Water. The AquaGuard produces great tasting, clear water that's perfect for drinking, preparing food and cooking.
Independently Certified Filter. Unlike many other carbon filters, the AquaGuard has been independently tested and certified to NSF International Standard 42.
Easy Filter Metering System. The AquaGuard is also fitted with a PureMometer® our revolutionary filter life indicator, which will tell you when your cartridge needs replacing. No fuss, just hassle-free filtered water.
High Quality Filtered Water. The AquaGuard uses a combination of resin and activated carbon to reduce hardness, chlorine and other contaminates, leaving you with just great tasting water.
Discounted cost of unit : McGuard 7000 : £155 *
Discounted cost of unit : McGuard 7500 : £175 *
* Installation costs extra. No VAT applicable.