Ms F. Oglander from Nunwell

There are no more white marks on the kitchen and bathroom surfaces. Also I have smear free shower panels in the bathroom. Excellent service!

Mr G Hart from Shanklin

My grandson had a skin condition and we were on the Universtity of Nottingham test scheme to see if soft water would help him. We found it did, and now he is a teenager and virtually eczema free!

Mr Turnbull, Sandown

Isle of Wight water softeners give very good service with block salt supplies and water filter cartridges.

Mr Paul De Vere, Vernon Cottage Restaurant, Shanklin

We have had a kinetic water softener in place from almost day one of taking over the Vernon Cottage in 2010, using block salt supplied by Isle of Wight Water Softeners. It is simple & easy to maintain, clean, cost effective & softens every drop of water that runs through our building. Our hot drinks are perfect, our cooking is first class and we use less washing detergent in our machine & sinks. There is never any evidence of scale - in fact some of our equipment shines as the day it was installed. I know our water softener gives an advantage over our competitors. We always use Isle of Wight Water Softeners for our salt supplies. The price is right, the service is superb. Phil Vale delivers to your door, sometimes in an emergency at a moments notice. I couldn't recommend his services highly enough.